Monday, August 26, 2013

Cannibal! the musical review

Cannibal! The musical
Because why the F*&^not?

How to turn a real life tragedy in a goofy comedy movie from 1993? Have the crew of South Park do it of course, and while we at it, let’s turn it into a musical, because f*^& you moral sense, you can’t tell us what to do!
Yes, this little masterpiece really exist, and yes, it’s also based on a true, gruesome story, and yes, I should be offended, but somehow, I’m ok with this, it’s not like they had a rapping dog in it at least (I’m looking at you Titanic)

So what is this movie really about and why do I believe it’s pure genius?
Well, let’s see, the story tell the quest of six miners in the 1890 something, in search for Colorado.
Unfortunately for them, their guide is more pre-occupied with his strange and possible illegal relation with his horse rather than their destination or their safety. Along the way they sing, do a ballet rehearsal and meet Japanese 4e-wall-breaking Indians and other randomness.
But after a while, the food runs out and they are left with very little options, they have to resort to cannibalism, and yes, it’s all done in songs that will make you go “is that Mr Garrison or Cartman??”

Yes, if you couldn’t tell already, I really enjoyed this movie. The humor and style really reminded me the likes of “Dracula, dead and loving it”, you know, in a time where the market for comedy wasn’t owned by Adam Sandler and failed attempts to recreate the first Scary Movie.
This movie had me laughing from the very first scene, where the cannibal runs around biting people, ripping arms off and beating others over the head with it, at least you can’t blame it for not being straightforward. There where large chunks where nothing really happened but there was always an hilarious scene around the corner. The humor, both dialogue and physical where spot on, exactly what to expect from the South Park team.
My advice? Give it a watch. Its definitely a classic and a must-watch for all the South Park fans out there. All I’m hoping for now is “South Park does a Hindenburg chrismas”, and extra points everywhere if they make it a goddamn musical.

Personal rating: 8,5

Critical rating: 7

What I've learned from Cannibal! the musical:

- I’m never going to Wyoming.
- Nobody wants butt meat
- No musical should go without an epic cowbell solo
- This movie would makes for a great drinking game, called: Spot the alien

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